You are Beautiful

Talking to a friend about an upcoming trip to an amusement park and she happened to mention how she felt that the people there were a bit rough around the edges. We don’t need to talk about what that means because it usually just means people that are not the same as us, and that is descriptive enough.

Well, I arrived at the venue and it was packed full of people of all kinds. And it is possible that I noticed a man in a T-shirt that said, “I’m not a gynecologist, but I’ll take a look.” Maybe not the most appropriate t-shirt in my opinion, but the opinion in his house differed from mine.

Now, I had a choice. I could continue the theme created in my head by my friend or I could choose to spend my day different than she had. In the words of Pharrell, “The same is lame”, so I decided to play a little game by myself.

“You are Beautiful”

I said these words silently (not to myself, because they were directed at the person in front of me) each and every time I made eye contact with someone. Whether their weight made my approval, their choice of clothing or hair color different than mine, “You are Beautiful”. And as I did this throughout the day I was reminded every beautiful person has parents, siblings or a spouse that see their beauty every day. There are people in their lives that love them unconditionally, as people love me. I found that I could see beauty in the eyes of everyone I saw. Now, you would think that is pretty impressive, how very enlightened of me….. But what I found the most humbling was when I saw a person with what our society has decided means beauty. I tried to keep my thoughts the same, but in the beginning started with, “You ARE beautiful” that made all the prior statements shallow. I had to look past a beautiful shell to see a beautiful interior as well, not stopping at the surface. Beauty is below the surface, it doesn’t matter how it is decorated.

And I can only hope that as their eyes met mine that they saw their beauty reflected back to them.