Sit in IT

Sometimes life really does blindside us, we don’t see something coming and it wasn’t for a lack of paying attention. Sometimes life does that, catches us by surprise. Now that can be a good thing at times… unexpected vistors, connecting with someone you haven’t seen in a long time… but the flipside. You can get hit with a doozy that just shakes the ground and rattles your brain.

We all know these things happen, the question really is what do we do next? My first instinct is to pour myself a glass of wine and sit with my misery and have a party. Or maybe call a friend and complain and keep that fresh pain right there on the surface…

But I’m going to do it different this time.

I’m going to sit in it. I’m going to feel shocked, then sad and we will see what comes next.. but I believe that somewhere along the way it will be acceptance and maybe I will even see the ‘why’.

I want my wine, I want my friends but somethings just need to be dealt with. Numbness isn’t going to make it any different tomorrow, processing it all and getting to the place where peace is at. I teach all day long that one breath, one thought and that quiet, gentle peaceful place is always there. That when the world around us appears to be crumbling (or changing) that place in our hearts remains unchanged. So instead of pouring a glass of wine, I made a salad. Instead of reliving it over and over tonight, I’m sorting my way through it. Making this decision seems to be a challenge tonight… BUT choosing to focus on my own happiness (or if not happy at the moment, than my well-being) is much more important. I cannot change what happens around me, I can only choose how I decide to interpret it, what I can make of it.

I’m choosing to maintain my peace and my power and take a path less traveled. A path that leads me here to sit in shIT for a bit. But I at least know when I’m done sitting I will be better, stronger and ready for life’s next unexpected surprise.