Bras, now Flags

I’m going to first start with a disclaimer, which pisses me off a little anyway,
I, Tanya, am not advocating for flag burning, I’m not calling all the bras into the fire. I’m not even trying to start a fire. All I want to get across is that maybe we should stop taking things so literally and see the reason, the person, see the purpose for actions.
It is time that I don’t need to write a disclaimer before sharing my thoughts because people will quickly make assumptions based off of what words they decide to focus on, on how the words make them feel.
It’s a good time to pause to talk about perspective:
The only way we can see things is from our angle. Let’s keep this real world for an example. If I’m standing on my porch and looking west, the sun is rising in the east, I’m not going to see it. If someone tells me it’s happening I cannot argue that fact. If I enter a room and you are standing on the other side I see a different room than you do. It’s just a fact.
Picture this: You are looking out of an airplane window, you can see something super cool; a big cloud, mountains on the ground, something amazing. You want the person next to you see it. You must get out of the way and they have to move to your point of perspective…. Get it..?
Just as our eyes work this way, SO DO OUR MINDS. We see from where we are, we see from where we’ve been, movies we’ve seen, news we watch, people we associate with. So let’s not assume that people that are watching other news, hanging with other people are just plain wrong because they are not seeing our view. A problem here is when we stay stuck in our same communities, same jobs, same people, we cannot possibly see from another perspective, maybe move into their seat for a minute and really look.
Ok, here goes nothing…
Let’s talk flag burning…
(here is my disclaimer #2, I am not an advocate, I have not burned a flag, I do not desire to burn a flag. I have folded flags and been very careful to not let them touch the ground)
Now with that said…
The flag is a symbol, the physical manifest of that symbol holds power because of the way we view it and the power we put in it’s meaning.
Once upon a time groups of people gathered together to burn bras. They weren’t anti-bra. They did not want to walk around without one and that was not the statement they were trying to make. They were not burning bras so they could ‘let it all hang out’.
The bras were being burned because women no longer wanted to abide by the restrictions they felt as women. They wanted to feel free to work, to express their opinion, to feel strong willed and free. Now, this was before my time and therefore, I cannot even see this from their view, so I am assuming here. But as a women, I know they didn’t really want to give up the bra itself.
Again, I hesitantly return to the flag. Is it possible that those burning the flag do not want to give up their country, they do not want to move and get out. They want a voice they want to feel heard and no longer feel restricted.
The power is put into an object as a symbol is there so we can actively show support, but anything that can be supported can also be opposed, without the opportunity for opposition there really is no power in symbol (mind you I keep saying symbol, not flag) If that same material was printed with any other colors or symbol it would not wiled that kind of power.
One last little note to you, as I earlier said it’s what you read and how you hear it. I purposely manipulated a word in this article…
Here it goes..
Note that I said ‘feel’ not ‘be. We are feeling beings. Let’s let others begin to FEEL heard, seen, and appreciated in our small circles and things will change BIG. If every day you feel like you are invisible, don’t matter, or worse, you want to FEEL seen. This problem that appears so big, could begin to be solved right inside your home, outside your door, at your grocery store. Let’s start this radical change right here in our own space!
Peace! ❤

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